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In Home Health Care in Fresno, CA

Auspice In Home Care & Transportation Services can provide care a little or as often as you need it. We provide care hourly or 24 hours a day. Families have the flexibility of changing schedules at their convenience. You are not locked into any contracts that dictates how much services you need to use and how often. Auspice also provides care on Holidays and weekends.

Auspice In Home Care & Transportation Services is a professionally managed agency that works with you to determine your needs and a caregiver best suited to meet those requirements. Auspice provides a thorough client assessment and individualized care plans.

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Services Provided By Auspice In Home Care

There are a variety of services that Auspice In Home Care and Transportation can provide for our clients.

Hospice and end of life care are crucial services that offer solace and support to individuals and their families during their most challenging times.

Alongside this, there is a growing understanding of the importance of activities designed to curb cognitive deterioration, especially among those with Alzheimer's or dementia. Such activities, which emphasize cognitive stimulation, can significantly benefit these individuals by delaying further memory loss.

In addition to these specialized services, psychosocial support plays a pivotal role in ensuring the mental well-being of patients.

For day-to-day assistance, services like bathing, dressing, and grooming are indispensable. It's also vital to offer support with ambulation, whether through a walker, cane, or gait belt, ensuring that individuals maintain mobility.

Furthermore, the importance of a balanced diet cannot be understated, which is why there's a focus on healthy meal preparation and service. Some individuals might also require feeding assistance.

Light exercises, combined with range of motion activities, are integrated into care plans to promote physical health.

Meanwhile, medication reminders are crucial to ensure that individuals are on track with their treatments. Light housekeeping can drastically improve the quality of life by maintaining a clean living environment. Lastly, the sheer value of companionship in boosting spirits and creating a sense of belonging is immeasurable. It's these comprehensive services and the human touch that together make a holistic care approach.
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Additional Services We Provide Include:

  • Post Surgical and Hospital Stays. (Clients who need transitional services, exercises, and range of motion).
  • Respite care. (Family caregivers in need of a break).
  • Individuals needing assistance with Activities of Daily Living. (Bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance).
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. (This is the largest growing population of individuals receiving care in the home. Personal care can be one of the most challenging activities of daily living for an individual diagnosed with Alzheimer's/Dementia. Auspice caregivers are trained to care for these individuals and provide them with services that promote independence and quality of life.
  • The Disabled or Chronically ill. (Multiple Sclerosis, Dialysis, Parkinson's, etc).
  • Families needing someone to check in on their loved ones. (Medication reminders, safety, and/or meal preparation)
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About Our Caregivers

Auspice holds a high standard of how we select the best caregivers to work with our valued clients. Below is a description on the process of selection to hire our caregivers:
  • Thorough Interview is conducted with the Office Coordinator and Director of Client Care.
  • References Checks are conducted to ensure the candidate is a right fit for our company.
  • DMV/Vehicle Records Check to ensure our caregivers have a valid CADL, clean DMV record, and proper vehicle insurance if they are providing transportation to Auspice clients.
  • Current TB Screening is required.
  • Personality Testing is required to determine if the caregivers is a right fit for Auspice and/or clients they may serve.
  • Competency Testing is required to ensure caregivers encompass all of the services Auspice provides. Additional training is provided to caregivers to ensure they can meet each client's needs before accepting a new case.
  • Drug Testing is required to conduct a pre-employment drug screen and caregivers are randomly selected for drug testing once employed.
  • DOJ/fingerprint checks are conducted to ensure caregivers are clean of felonies and misdemeanors.
  • Caregivers are Bonded and insured.
  • Workman’s comp./liability insurance and tax reporting are included.
  • Auspice University are 5 Core Care classes caregivers are required to be trained on during date of hire. Caregivers are encouraged to receive training, from our on-site nurse trainer, on a monthly basis to either enhance or refresh skills.

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