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In Home Care & Transportation in Fresno, CA

Auspice In Home Care & Transportation Services was founded in February of 2009. Auspice Home Care founders, Eddie and Tish Davis, made it their mission to provide quality In-Home Care services to seniors with flexibility and cost effectiveness. Auspice is locally owned and managed. It is not a franchise, which allows them to have more flexibility with their rates, services, and coverage area.

Auspice also specializes in several areas of care including personal care, hospice support, as well as post-surgical and hospital stays; but one of their main focuses is Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.

The Owner and CEO, Eddie Davis, has a thorough background in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. He provides educational seminars to the community, support groups, and caregiver training. Eddie and Tish conduct Dementia tours out in the community, as well.

This allows people to go through a course conducting everyday tasks that most would find to be simplistic; however, those participating conduct these tasks in the shoes of someone with Dementia. These tours bring a better understanding to the thought process which people with Dementia have.

Auspice is a huge community supporter. The owners of Auspice dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus every December and pass out gifts in their Warm the Hearts of Senior’s campaign. They have also donated over $70,000.00 back to community non-profits, many specializing in Alzheimer’s/ Dementia research.


Meet Our Team


Eddie Davis - CEO & Founder

Eddie has over 10 years of experience working with the aging community. He began his journey in senior care as an Alzheimer Care Director. He had the opportunity to see many individuals flourish in this environment and observed the relief of the family members who witnessed their loved ones experience these challenges.

When his wife’s grandmother began to face challenges at home, the family congregated to help meet her needs. The discovery of not knowing how to care for her and being completely unaware of available resources, lead Eddie to the desire to help others in similar situations.

Although Grandma chose to move out of her home, Eddie recognized the need for support to individuals to remain safely in their home environments and to assist individuals with options available to them.

His personal experience transitioned Eddie into working with a local in home care agency, and eventually opening his own home care company.

Eddie received his degree in Social Work from CSU, Fresno in 1999. His Central Valley experience in social work includes: Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, Senior Care, In-Home Care, case management, community education, and program development.

Eddie also obtained an Executive Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Marketing and Consulting from National University in 2005, earning Honors on his thesis.

He founded Auspice In Home Care & Transportation Services with the mission of assisting seniors by providing them with resources to have an active, safe, and promising life at home.

"The most rewarding part of this profession is to inform and educate our community of the choices and opportunities they have in receiving services in their current environment, specific to their individual needs and what best fits their schedule."  
Tish davis

Tish Davis - Director of Operations

Tish's personal experience with a loved one validated why she has such pride in the mission of Auspice. She holds vivid memories of visiting her grandmother for Sunday night dinners. Her family recognized that grandma wasn't herself and couldn't live at home independently anymore.

The family was unaware on how to handle the situation. They tried home care but could not afford the hourly minimums required weekly. Eventually, the family hired private care because it was cost effective however, service was not dependable. This experience threw them into a crisis. Not feeling there were any more options to keep grandma at home, they placed her at a board and care home.

Tish's husband, Eddie Davis, CEO of Auspice, heard similar stories from families he worked with as an Alzheimer Care Director. With her own challenges and what Eddie had observed, they decided to take their knowledge and experiences and apply them to the core training of each employee at Auspice.

"We take pride in offering families flexibility with services and cost effectiveness. I would never want anyone to have to go through what my family had to endure. I love going to work every day knowing that I will be able to help families through a crisis and ensure they will be treated as our own family."

Tish loves to be involved in community outreach for our seniors. Currently she is on the board of The Senior Living Network, Central Valley Senior Coalition, SAFE fall prevention coalition and California Central Valley Coalition of Compassionate care. She is also an active member of The Aging Network, Home Services Council and Elder Abuse Roundtable. 

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